Sud. C. Garrido, designer T. Mrazauskas, published by Kaunas Photography Gallery and Parallel Platform, 2019.

"Immediate Art of Living" is in Kaunas Photography Gallery in 2019. Catalog of the Collective Exhibition of Emerging European Photographers in June. The exhibition and publication curated by Cale Garrido presents works by Fábio Cunha, Marie Lukasiewicz and Ana Zibelnik.


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Beginning with the first evidence of climate change in the late 1970s, when its causes and dangers were mostly identified through facts and data. We feel invulnerable and dependent on our lifestyle and are too lazy to give up some of the privileges of the planet we live on.

We need images that affect us, that make us see the reality that leads us to action.

People think in symbols. In pictorial language, metaphors are effective forms with the power to change deeply held concepts of thought. The arts can lead to behavioral change and engagement because they are emotional, closer to human values, at a level beyond the reach of fact-based language. The exhibition, which will feature works by Marie Lukasiewicz, Fábio Cunha and Ana Zibelnik, aims to create a space where both artists and audiences can engage creatively and critically in a constructive dialogue that contributes to needed change.

Fábio Cunha's series "We still kill pigs with our own hands" creates a traditional Portuguese countryside, where until the age of 15 the author himself lived, portrait. In an era of mass production and consumption, the way these people use their hands is shown as an act of resistance to a world that craves novelty and easy access. His performative intervention in public spaces "Move the mountain" gives meaning to the same idea. The 4.5 x 2.30 meter structure on wheels is waiting to be moved. It is a poetic statement that a man has the strength to move a mountain with his own hands.

Marie Lukasiewicz "Behind Coral White" questions our consumption habits. It has developed a multi-layered visual study examining the relationship between coral extinction and bleaching and their use in the pharmaceutical industry.

"After all, we're turning it on" is Anna Zibelnik's series that makes you think. In her works, she delves into the meaning of the end of time and considers whether the inevitability of death can help us rethink our role in nature.

This publication is the European Photography Platform Parallel part of the activity.
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Cale Garrido


jagadeesh m


Kaunas Photography Gallery, Parallel platform




English, Lithuanian






Peydur Lisse 270 g/m2, Scandia 2000 White 115 g/m2, Woostock Nero 110 g/m2


23,5 x 16 x 1 cm

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